REMILA offers mediation that can help resolve conflicts, clarify communication, and support planning for anyone impacted by incarceration. 

Types of Mediation

  • Pre-entry mediation can help you make a plan with loved ones before someone is incarcerated around topics such as visits, communication expectations, and parenting plans during incarceration.

  • Re-entry mediation happens before someone's release date to help make a plan for their re-entry. Common topics include housing, employment, and co-parenting plans.

  • Post-release mediation can take place at any time after someone is released to discuss the challenges of re-entry and to work through conflicts that arise. This can include mediation with loved ones, employers, probation and parole officers, Department of Child and Family Services employees, and more. 

  • Family/crime survivor re-entry mediation can help prepare family and other community members who were harmed by an incarcerated person before they are released. This type of mediation occurs without the incarcerated individual.

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