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Youth & Young Adult Conflict Resolution Workshops

Why Conflict Resolution?!

Conflict is unavoidable in life. But, with tools and support, we can resolve issues as they arise. The staff at REMILA are looking to pass conflict resolution skills  to the next generation of problem solvers and young community leaders in New Orleans, LA.  We know you have a lot going on in your life right now. Completing a conflict resolution workshop can help you feel better understood by your friends, family, and teachers. It’s time to trust in yourself that you can handle the good times and the really tough times too. 

What can I expect from these conflict resolution workshops?

First, we create a space where what everyone has to share is important. Second, what you say will be kept confidential. 

Groups of twelve to sixteen participants 

Ages 12-24 

New Orleans residents

8 hours total 

We'll go over together: 

  • How have you dealt with conflict in your life? How has it served you? What would you do differently? 

  • What creates conflict between people? What makes it better? 

  • Is conflict a bad thing? Is conflict a good thing? 

  • How your confidence shows up under pressure? 

  • What makes you feel connected to people? What makes you feel disconnected? 

  • How do you want the world to see you? 

What’s in it for me? 

We will develop: ​​

  • Communication and social skills 

  • Problem solving alongside others 

  • How to expand your social network in person 

Develop positive relationships 

Feel better understood by your friends, family, and school 

Connect with other people while staying true to yourself

Put it on your résumé 

  • Use us as a job reference 

  • Network with regional professionals

  • Future career opportunities available 

  • Volunteer and community involvement opportunities 

Who facilitates the workshops?

We are professionally trained Inclusive Mediators that have received intensive training through Community Mediation Maryland. Our backgrounds are in conflict resolution & communication in mental health, legal, education, visual arts, peace building, and criminal justice fields. We live in New Orleans, on the Westbank, and on the Northshore. 

How often?

Two  4-hour sessions or  One 8-hour session for Young adults ages 18-24, 

Four 2-hour sessions or Eight 1-hour sessions for youth ages 12-17 

Partners interested in providing professional and soft skills development using this series for their organizations, please email

Interested in bringing Conflict Resolution Skills to your organization?

Please note your interest in the Conflict Resolution series. Can't wait to chat with you!

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